We can take your product from idea all the way to market.
We can think creatively and logically. We listen and are fun to work with.

Design Thinking

We listen. And engage with you to understand.

Creative thinking is critical to making great products.
We love ideas and we love helping clients bring their ideas to life. We can help you develop an idea, solve problems, design concepts based on your requirements and help you identify and focus those requirements into something tangible. We will give you an honest assessment based on our experience and intuition of your idea or product.

We have a broad range of creative, technical and business expertise which helps us make connections between disparate ideas and develop strong user friendly concepts.

User Experience Design

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works." - Steve Jobs.

Design and the process of how design integrates with other disciplines is extremely important at Marino. Design is a part of everything we do here from solving a problem to how it looks and crucially, how it works in different contexts.

Design is integrated into our development process which makes our software creation process very efficient and allows for flexibility and innovation during the lifetime of a project.

Engineering & QA

All apps and software platforms are developed in-house using native development tools and technologies to get the best from each platform.

We create apps for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android platforms and Microsoft Windows Phone along with cloud based solutions which can be stand-alone solutions or part of a supporting structure for apps.

Our software engineering team are experienced and passionate about what technology can achieve. Our team are together a long time and is growing which builds rich in-house expertise at Marino along with a collaborative approach to problem solving.

Why Marino?

Idea to Release

We design chart topping apps for global brands. Proven experience delivering projects across a range of digital media.

Experienced Team

Our team is experienced and have worked together for many years resulting in increased efficiency.

In-house Development

All development is done in-house ensuring high quality with integrated creativity and problem solving.

Successful Software

We work together to conceive and create chart-topping, goal-oriented successful apps and platforms.

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User Experience Design & Creative

Marino's design team is very experienced in UI / UX design and media production. We value empathy as part of our design toolset and can go from big picture right down to those tiny important details. We listen carefully to understand a client's requirements and connect the dots to create something new and innovative.

Evaluation & Big Picture

Marino can provide an experienced team to review, develop and make recommendations on your app or software platform project.

UI & UX Design

We design chart topping apps for global brands. Proven experience delivering projects across a range of digital media.

iOS, Android & Windows Phone
Web & Desktop
Server & Cloud
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The engineering team at Marino have a broad and deep understanding of modern software development technologies and methodologies. They are creative and logical thinkers who create connections between ideas and technology, delivering you a better product. From Objective-C to Java to Unity and OpenGL, from JavaScript to load balanced server configurations, our team can do it.

In-house Development

We do all our development in-house at Marino. Our design and engineering teams work closely together.

Client & Server

We produce mobile apps and cloud based systems, often with the two working together for a complete platform.

Native Technologies

Our apps are built with native tools and technologies for each platform to ensure we get the best performance and quality from each platform.


Our QA team will ensure your product arrives to market as it is supposed to.

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