Want to de-risk your software project in 5 days?

How design sprints can save you time and money by making sure you are building products and features your customers actually want.

Published July 2017
7 minute read

iPhone: 10 years on

Happy Anniversary to the iPhone! Read how its introduction changed the direction of Marino Software

Published June 2017
5 minute read

WWDC17 — A Retrospective

Two of our developers, Tim and Niall, hit the lottery and got tickets for this year’s WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference...

Published June 2017
6 minute read

Google I/O 17 — What you might have missed

There are endless articles listing the main announcements from this year’s Google I/O, but unless you attended or took the time to watch...

Published June 2017
10 minute read

iOS vs Android Native Features

A handy comparison list for mobile product designers

Published April 2017
2 minute read

Android and iOS terminology comparison for product designers

Have you ever struggled to find the right name for an Android or iOS feature? We’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of native features for both platforms to help you find the right words every time.

Published April 2017

Estimates — The first step toward change

One in six IT projects has an average cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of 70%. Well I guess no one ever said the life of a project manager was going to be easy...

Published Jan 2017
5 minute read

So you want to port to Android?
A guide for app producers

If you've never ported to Android, you may be wondering where to start. The good news is, it's a fairly straightforward process and much easier than creating an app from scratch.

Updated November 2016
8 minute read

Blockchain Hackathon: A weekend in the life of a Developer

The world’s biggest ever Blockchain Hackathon, organised by Chainsmiths, took place last weekend on the DCU Alpha campus in Dublin, Ireland. Two of Marino Software’s engineers, Tim Colla and Seamus Cantillon, went along to take part and as part of the Orion team, came 2nd out of the 15 teams competing. Here we ask Tim, an iOS developer, a few questions about how it all went…

Published 10th November 2016
5 minute read

Blockchain and Identity: Revolutionising KYC for Financial Institutions

Earlier this year Marino Software attended MoneyConf in Madrid. The conference was a general fintech event, but one thing that was mentioned consistently was Blockchain. I say Blockchain but in actual fact it was mostly Bitcoin. That’s understandable of course, it's the only implementation of Blockchain technology in the public mind. However, the technology allows for much more than creating and transferring coins or tokens.

Published 3rd November 2016
5 minute read

Distributing apps to testers
A guide for app producers
(and their clients)

Have you ever had a headache trying to get a test app out to beta testers and stakeholders? The process is often misunderstood, causing confusion, delays and reams of frustrated emails between developers, producers and clients. This guide will help.

Published 24th April 2015
8 minute read